Lost ColonyThe Renaissance Tailor specializes in commissions. We have accomplished all sizes of commission work from the single ruff to sixty ruffs and ruff and cuffs sets. We've provided commission work to interesting clients large and small, from off-broadway productions (such as 'Othello'), to fund raiser events with Renaissance themes, to large scale productions such as The Lost Colony, The Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire, and other Renaissance faire participants throughout the U.S. We have also worked with re-enactment groups such as the SCA (in both the U.S. and Europe) and other historical groups in Europe.

We are able to manage these big projects and get them to you on time provided we have ample lead time to produce them. Below is a rough time-line:

# of Items
Time to Produce
6 - 9
three weeks*
10 - 12
four weeks*
12 - 15
five weeks*
15 - 20
six weeks*
over 20 items

*These times are completely dependent on the time of year and how full the queue of orders is currently. For large scale commissions over twenty items, we generally need at least two months of lead time.

Lost Colony CommissionGetting Started

Send an email to The Tailor. Let us know what you would like and your deadline. Include any photos of the item (if available). If we can create the commission within the deadline you give us, we'll create a quote and send it back to you. As a general rule, please be aware that we will not start any work until payment (or down payment) has been received.

Once an agreement is reached, if the commission is fairly unique, not something that would sell easily, or larger than five items, a 50% down payment is required before any work is started. This is not negotiable.

When the item is almost finished, a series of photos will be taken and placed up on a web page for your review. You may make small changes and/or accept the item as is. When the item is accepted, final payment is due and the item is shipped out when payment is made.

Large De Medici Commission in Gold LaceIf the item does not meet with approval upon arrival, The Renaissance Tailor will accept it back and will make small changes to the item. It will then be shipped back. If the item still does not meet with approval, The Renaissance Tailor will refund the purchase price of the item minus any special costs incurred in the creation of the item. This includes but is not limited to any fabrics, materials or other notions. The item will then be listed in this store under "Special Items" and sold on a first-come-first serve basis.

Commissions We Will Not Accept

The Renaissance Tailor specializes in Elizabethan and Cavalier accessories that require VERY LITTLE FITTING. We do not accept commission requests for fitted garments of any kind. This includes but is not limited to: dresses, doublets, breeches, Easter Bunny costumes, Darth Vader costumes, Xena Warrior Princess bodices, Santa Claus costumes, or any other similar item.

We will consider Science Fiction and Fantasy commissions for ruffs, cuffs, and collars on a case-by-case basis. If you are interested in fantasy Elizabethan ruffs, cuffs, and Cavalier collars, please visit our Fantasy page.

CommissionsCommissions Welcome!

Our list of clients includes The Lost Colony, The Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire, Off-Broadway productions and many others...

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