PHASE ONE: Bedroom and Closets

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October 2005 - January 2006

I've got a few really previous photos of this area hanging around but can't find them at the moment so we'll start with these:

Here you can see that I've ripped all old wallboard down from the 'bedroom' area and started to frame in the closets. Plastic is up to protect my studio stuff. This is the view facing south.

Here we are facing North, standing against the South wall. On the right, you can see what was once the fake knee walls and some pretty pink insulation.

February 18th & 19th, 2006 -

I've stripped the window trim, primed the South wall to accept the industrial felt wallpaper, framed in the kneewalls and areas for the built-in book shelves and mostly finished the framing in of the closets.

Here's the west knee wall with its two built-in areas and a bit of the west closet. New, formaldahyde free insulation and a lovely vapor barrier.
The mostly stripped window and the beginning of the application of the industrial felt wallpaper to hide the 'ugly' wall. I also moved the light over so that it centers in the new room layout because if I had not, it would've driven me mad. Drywall tomorrow!!!
Monday, February 20th - Went to Uhaul, picked up the van, went to Home Depot, picked up the wallboard. Originally I had intended to just drop it off and pick up the remodel garbage and hit the dump but I got so excited that I started wallboarding. Eventually, I ripped myself away long enough to go to the dump. Here's what I got done on Monday:
Tuesday, February 21st -  

Finished the wallboard application and moved on to the first round of mudding and taping. I'm glad I spent time yesterday doing wallboard because it took me all day Tuesday to finish. I started the taping process at 5PM.

Below (left) you can see the builtin spaces, plastic in place to keep wayward furballs out, and the front of one of the two new closets.

Below (right) is the other side of the room. The space looks tiny but it is actually quite large.

Wednesday, February 22nd/Thursday, February 23rd -

No photos. These two days were the second and third layer of mud respectively and frankly you can't really tell the difference except that the mud trails get progressively wider. Tomorrow: Paint!

Friday, February 24th -

Painted! Here I'm in the middle of finishing the painting job. I've got to clean up the lines and then clean up the area and it will be ready for me to shift my studio over and prepare for PHASE II!


Saturday, February 25th -

The paint has been tidied up and I've started shifting my studio stuff over. On to Phase II of the upstairs remodel project. More photos in April through June... cuz I'm tired and I'm going to take a break now.


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