PHASE TWO: Studio Area and Electrical Install

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March - May 7th: Rip Out!

Wallboard rip-out! From mid March to just yesterday, it was all about wallboard removal.

Here we see that I've been super industrious! Bath door removed, wallboard mostly removed except for ceiling and a good start on that knee-wall.

Cat inspection. All permits are in order.
South bath wall knob-and-tube
Mid-room ceiling 'fixture' and I say that only to be kind.
Bath entry wall. More knob-and-tube!
A view of the side of the dormer, complete with cardboard FROM WHEN THE UPSTAIRS WAS FINISHED (I think it was around the mid- to late forties. I found a 1942 penny in the wall so it couldn't have been prior to that). Holy crap I can't wait to remove that and see what's on the other side. I hope it's something cool.
Do you see that pink thing? That's a water pipe. There's this weird soffit in the down-stairs bath and this looks like it corresponds to that. Measurement will confirm or deny but it would sure be nice to find out as that soffit was pencilled in for destruction during the main bath remodel.


May 22nd: Electrical install

All went well. I actually got two extra outlets on the west wall after the electrician asked me just exactly what I was planning and I showed him my machines and then complained bitterly about the iron sucking power from them when it turned on. No more of that. Four separate cicuits have now been installed. One for the bath, one for the bedroom and lights, one for the machines and one for the iron and computer. They will need to return at some point after drywall to finish up.


June 24th - July 4th

Vacation Schedule

June 24th: Knee walls, bath walls, and clean up

West knee wall and new bath wall which pulls the bathroom out a bit, to make room for the shower and also brings that wall in line with the doormer wall opposite. I ran out of insullation and need to get a vapor barrier and then I'll be ready for wallboard, on this side of the room at least.

This is my new best friend. I've named him Fabio... except, unlike the real Fabio, this is a lot more useful. This is a cordless framing nailer... and oh, does it make framing in ever so much easier and faster.


June 25th: Knee walls, bath walls, and clean up
On the right, the Northeast knee wall and sub-knee wall. This is where I'll be storing all bins. On the left a straight on shot of the new wall. The white pillar is the chimney. Just to the left of the chimney will be the shower. This is a view of the new closets and the current sewing area, soon to be the new bedroom. That white stuff on the wall to the left is some of the last old wallboard that needs to be removed... before tomorrow.
A shot of the east facing windows. The two outer ones are nailed shut and I'll be pulling those nails after I finish up the remodel. I'll be installing new screens so that I can open the windows and enjoy the breeze.

Another shot of the new knee walls that define the new fabric, etc. storage area. The computer will go on that outer wall.

June 26th: Uhaul, Supplies, and Dump
Nothing much to report today so no pictures. Picked up the uhaul van at 9AM, got to Home Depot by 10AM, loaded in the 13 - 1/4" wallboard sheets and the 15 - 1/2" wallboard sheets, two rolls of insulation, a big roll of wallboard seam tape, five boxes of coarse thread wallboard screws, a gallon of paint, two gallons of primer, floor underlayment and two gallons of mud. Got that home and unloaded and then took a load of garbage to the dump. I'll have to make another couple of trips to the dump before the detached garage is cleaned out and even then there is still junk in there from the kitchen and fence install. Went ahead and put in the last of the insulation when we got home and put up the vapor barrier. After that is store orders. Taking it easy today because it is so freaking hot. Tomorrow will be better and even if it isn't, ceiling wallboard application begins.
June 27th: Ceiling wallboard application
Ceiling wallboard is up except for one pannel facing the stairs... which is an area I'm still needing to attend to. This is the view facing North, looking out from the new bedroom. Loverly dormer windows. And a loverly shot of the two egregious mistakes I made today. Well, one of them was the house's fault. The other one was mine but fixable.
Looking towards what will become my sewing area. Three outlets... count them. THREE. On two different circuits. No more power drain when the iron turns on. Construction foreman taking a well earned rest and looking out the North upstairs window. This is, by far, his favorite place to sit.
June 28th: Walls wallboard application
As you can see, I'm still not done but I'm beat. I've put in a full twelve hour day trying to make up for time lost during the week-end, when it was too hot to work. Unfortunately, I'm still about half a day behind. However, I remain confident that I can finish the wallboard application tomorrow morning and move on to mud and tape in the afternoon. I also need to bring the flooring up to allow it to acclimate.
This photo and the one above show the last wallboard areas that need done. I also need to cut the ceiling access, which is that strip of unwallboarded area at the top of this photo.  
June 29th: Finish Walls, 1st Mud & Tape Layer, Clean Up, and Bringing Up Flooring
Looking towards the new fabric storage area and the new bath wall. Looking towards the mini-hallway between the new bedroom and the studio.
Dormers. The computer will go on the left wall and the art desk and shelves on the right wall. The new sewing area. Those boxes are the new flooring, acclimating.
June 30th: Electrical Finish-Ups, Starting The Flooring

The electrician came today and finished installing outlets and fixtures. This was not the usual electrician, because he was on vacation. This was a neanderthal posing as an electrician. Not only was he an ignorant, bigotted savage but he made off with my brand new wallboard saw...

I also didn't get as much done today as I wanted. There was a rebellion in the hind brain when I was laying on the couch and the next thing I knew, it was 5PM and I'd been napping for most of the afternoon.

July 1st: Mudding and The Flooring
My new track lighting. I've got to go get three more spots but, holy cow! I've got light! A thing of absolute beauty is a joy forever. The new wood floor.
The view from the top of the stairs. To the left is the fabric closet. The far wall will be the new art area. Also, the new wood floor in process.  
July 8th & 9th: More Mud and Flooring -
That's right; I stopped working on the upstairs on July 2nd and used the rest of my vacation to relax, attend parties, and hang with my kid. It was lovely. But this week-end, I started work again and here's the photo proof! I will finish the floor this evening and am ready to start painting. I'll cover the floor with a dropcloth and I'm sure some of you are wondering why I did the floor before painting - more efficient use of time. I had to wait for the mud to dry and doing the flooring during that time kept me busy.
Looking towards the sewing nook and the backside of the new shower. That hole is for a built-in set of shelves that I shall make... later. Looking towards the wall where the computer will move and the loverly dormer windows. Notice the shine on the floor.
Dormer windows again but this time looking towards where the new arts center will be. Arts wall on the left and the other side of the sewing area with a view into the new bedroom.
View from the new bedroom looking towards the entry and the new fabric storage cupboards. View from the entryway into the room and on into the new bedroom.
See that blue bit... that's how much floor I have left to do (in this phase). About 45 min. of work. Everybody? Meet the floor. Floor? This is everybody. Aw... now we can all be friends.

July 15th - 16th: Finish Ups & Moving In!

Yes! Most mudding and taping is done in the middle area and I moved on to priming, texturing, and paintint on the 15th. On the 16th, I started to move in. I've still got some touch-ups and trimwork to do, but that can wait a bit.

Looking towards the sewing nook, obscured by the cutting table. Another view of the sewing nook, again obscured by the cutting table.
A view towards the corner where the computer will eventually go, again obscured by the cutting table. That thing in front of the dormer windos is my mother's cedar chest, which will eventually go back into the bedroom. A view towards the arts corner, again completely obscured by the cutting table.
Standing in the entry, facing south. You can see into the bedroom. Standing in the bedroom entry, this time looking north.
The sewing area. No library yet. I'll bring all those freaking boxes up slowly over the next week or so. The new arts area and arts table. Pouches will adorn the wall above. I still have to finish the corner.
This is where the computer would be, if it were there.
Again, the corner needs finishing but I'm tired.
The storage area for the fabric bins. After clean-up, the bins will go in and await a week-end when I can do the trim and detail work. The doors may have to wait until fall. Ah, the mess that is the bedroom. Once all bins are out, it'll be a lot cleaner. Which is good because I need to put the floor down in here. After that, I need to texture and repaint. Then, with the exception of the built-in shelves that I have yet to create, this area will be finished.

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