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I finished up all my remodel projects on my beloved house between January 2006 and July 2007. Here's a tour of my house during it's getting ready/being sold phase.

for sale
This is a photo of my beloved house the day after it went on sale, July 11th 2007. It's a classic Pacific Northwest Craftsman style bungalow; lots of straight lines and no roof hips. Overall, it had close to 1,800 square feet of space with a full basement and a half floor upstairs. I had two garages; the one attached and one detached in back that was a 14' X 20' space. Had I stayed, that was slated as one of the next remodel projects. I had plans to turn it into a cottage/studio space.
front door  door knobs
Here's a shot of the front door into the living room. The photo to the right shows the crystal door knobs, all original that were all through the house.


Shots of the living room area. It is approximately 16' by 20'. Lots and lots of windows, all original. The photo on the left is taken while standing in front of the kitchen door. The photo on the right is taken while standing in front of the entry door.
Another shot while standing in front of the entry way. The dining room is on the left and the door to the kitchen visible behind the dining table.
A shot of the dining area. To the left is the door leading to the bath and Rhys' bedroom. To the right is the door leading to the kitchen.
A shot of one of two light fixtures in the main area. When I first moved in, these light fixtures in the dining area and living area were funky but ugly crystal chandeliers. Not as exciting as they sound - think Seventies. So I scoured around and found these two matching fixtures, both for $60. They were perfect and some of the first things I changed about the house when I first moved in. The very first thing I changed, of course, was to rip up the baby-crap brown shag and refinish the floors. Ew.
Just off the living room was my room. This is a shot of the windows looking south.
The photo on the left is a shot of my room looking west. The photo on the right is the main floor bath. This was my very next remodel project had I stayed because... yeah... you can't get the full feel for just how ugly this room was from the photo. But it was ugly and in serious need of some remodeling love.
This is Rhys' room, which was located on the other side of the bathroom from my room. The photo on the right shows the closet, which I redid when I moved in. Prior, the shelves looked like someone's drunken uncle had put them in. Also, this was the original entryway up to the upstairs. You can see one of the original stair steps at the bottom right of the closet.
I ended up painting a bunch of murals on each of Rhys' room walls. He was really into Sonic (and still is) so I painted all the characters for him. To the left of this photo is the door leading out and to the bathroom. To the right is his window.
Here are two photos of my beautiful kitchen, which was the big remodel project of 2004-2005. It was ripped down to the very walls and I had to learn to lath and plaster in order to fix one of the walls that had been cut in order to fit the fridge into it. WTF? Anyway, this is probably second only to the upstairs as a source of my remodeling pride. The photo to the left is taken while standing in front of the mud room/basement doors. The photo on the right is taken while standing in front of the sink. You can see the door to the basement at the right in that photo.
Here's a photo of the sink, taken while standing in front of the basement door. See the dishwasher? When I first purchased the house, there was NO dishwasher.
Here's a shot of the kitchen while I was still working on the tile backsplash.

Here is a shot of the mud room, taken while standing in front of the door leading upstairs. The door on the right leads to the kitchen and the door facing leads to the backyard. This was once a porch that was covered in, as can be seen by the sexy light fixture.

Eventually, I wanted to remove the window to the left and put in french doors which would've led to a deck. Just outside was a concrete slab that was going to get a deck had I stayed.

I always got a kick out of this room. It was so small and yet had more door than it seemed to need. This was also known as my computer room as I had my computer desk in the corner behind the kitchen door (right).

Here's a shot of the stairs leading up to the upstairs, taken while standing in the mud/computer room. If you want to see the upstairs, take a look at Phase Three of the upstairs remodel project.

I closed on this house on August 18th, 2002. I officially sold it and handed the keys to the new owner on August 18th, 2007. Five wonderful years and several fun remodeling projects later, I have very fond memories of my beloved house. I've already started remodeling my new house, starting with a killer studio space... I'll web that later.


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