I'm really into Pokemon at the moment. Here are a few of my favorites:


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I like to play with clay during "Baby Art Night". Mommy and I have Baby Art Night at least once a week. I paint, draw, play with clay and cut up paper... sometimes, when Mommy isn't looking, I try to cut her paper. Look at all the things I can make! This clay is the best because it isn't greasy and I can really mould it with my own two little hands! Here I am in my sand frog... I really liked my sand frog becuase I could hide in it as well...

Go Pikachu!!!

This is my yard slide. Today, I decided to wear my winter hat, even though it was summer. I like my winter hat because it has tassels on it. These are some of the toys I got for my third birthday. The piano actually makes nosie AND stores blocks... the best of both worlds!

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